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「悦聲」正式上架!"WeVoice" Officially launched!

創科社 — 悦聲



經過四個月的努力,創科社研發的「悦聲」終於上架! 以下是 Google Play 和 App Store 的下載連結:

Google Play (Android 手機)

App Store (iPhone 手機)

InnoTech Association — WeVoice

WeVoice, an app where WE use a VOICE to help visually impaired friends.

WeVoice recognises text or objects and generates a voice output for the visually impaired. Users can take a picture of an object or section of text, and after analysation, the picture is outputted in a voice form, where the text is read or the object is identified.

After four months of hard work, WeVoice, developed by InnoTech Association, has finally been published. Here are the download links for the app at Google Play and the App Store :

Google Play for Android

App Store for iPhone

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