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創意程式設計大賽2022/23 2022/23 Creative Coder Competition

Updated: Aug 16, 2023


🌟 這個競賽旨在推動STEM教育的發展,激發年輕人對程式設計和作品設計的興趣。香港青年協會與香港大學電機電子工程系為全港中小學和青年舉辦了這個活動,以程式設計作為激發無限創意的起點。

🏆 作為這場盛事的評審和頒獎嘉賓,創科社創會主席 Kelvin 感到非常榮幸!感謝香港青年協會的邀請。同時,我要鼓勵參賽同學們,你們展現了無窮的創造力和解決問題的能力,相信你們的作品必將為未來的城市發展帶來巨大的影響!


2022/23 Creative Coder Competition has ended on 7 Jul 2023. This year, the competition was held in the University of Hong Kong in person and co-organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and HKU’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, sponsored by Innovation and Technology Commission.

The competition aims at stimulating the development of STEM education and arousing youngsters’ interest in program design and product design. The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and HKU’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering co-organised the event for primary school students, secondary school students and youngsters of Hong Kong, regarding program design as the start of inspiration journey.

Kelvin, founding chairman of Innotech Association is proud of being one of the event’s judges and award presenters and thanks the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups for their invitation. Simultaneously, he would like to dedicate his support to all participants who demonstrated great creativity and problem-solving skills and believes that their masterpieces will bring huge impact on the future development of Hong Kong.

Congratulations to all the participants, who devoted great effort to perform in program design competition, Scratch Challenge and the product design open and deserved our appreciation. We hope everyone of them has gained valuable experience and inspiration and will continue to fight hard on their road of innovation.

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