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探訪劏房和天台屋住戶 Partitioned Flats and Rooftop Homes Visit

創科社的宗旨 : 利用科技來扶貧,改善基層朋友的生活質素。

九月的最後一天,創科社成員與 Project Space 間築社 成員一起探訪劏房和天台屋住戶。


The purpose of InnoTech Association is to use technology to help the poor and improve the quality of life of disadvantaged families.

On the last day of September, members of the InnoTech Association and Project Space visited several partitioned flats and rooftop homes.

Through this visit, members of the InnoTech Association have deepened their understanding about the lives of disadvantaged families. We are planning to help them improve their quality of life and provide free STEM courses to their children.

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