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社區創科編程馬拉松2022 Community Smart Hackathon 2022

Kelvin 於2022年8月有幸成為「社區創科編程馬拉松」的導師。今年比賽以滙豐香港社區夥伴計劃為主題,Kelvin為參加者提供意見及指引,希望他們能提交優秀並富創意的項目,以科技幫助弱勢社群及不同社群發展不同技能,提高他們就業競爭力,促進社區共融。

In Aug 2022, Kelvin is glad to become a tutor in Community Smart Hackathon 2022, in which the main theme is "HSBC HK Community Partnership Programme". Kelvin provides ideas and guidance for participants and hopes they can submit outstanding and innovative projects, which utilizes technology to help the underprivileged and different communities develop different skills to raise their competitiveness in employment and step up social integration.

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