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香港都會大學演講2022 Talk at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University 2022

Kelvin 於2022年11月9日獲邀到香港都會大學向學生分享如何以人工智能物聯網穿戴式硬件協助有需要的人,同時亦介紹自家研發的悅聲眼鏡。希望以此提高不同知識背景的學生對創新科技的興趣,啟發新思維用於社會創新。

On 9 Nov 2022, Kelvin was invited to the Hong Kong Metropolitan University and share with students on how to help the needy with AI technology and IoT wearable hardwares. At the same time, Kelvin also introduced our self-developed WeVoice Smart Glasses. We hope that this event can arouse students’ (with different academic backgrounds) interest in the fields of innovation and technology and thus inspire them with new thinkings, which can be utilized in social innovation.

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