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Our Mission

1. Promote the concept of helping people through innovation and technology in the community. 

2. Develop and procure technology products that can help improve the livelihood of the disadvantaged (including the disabled). Recruit volunteers to demonstrate and instruct people on how to use these products. 

3. Organise activities for the disadvantaged to enhance their knowledge of innovation and technology. 

4. Provide free tuition on technology knowledge to the disadvantaged, in particular the children from underprivileged families. 

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1. 向社會大眾提倡以創新科技助人的理念。 

2. 研發及購置可改善弱勢社羣(包括殘疾人士)生活的科技產品,及招募義工教導他們使用有關的產品。 

3. 透過舉辦活動,提高弱勢社羣對創新科技的認識。 

4. 為弱勢社羣特別是草根家庭的兒童提供免費的科技培訓。 


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