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「悦聲易」產品介紹 Introduction of "WeVoice+"

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

「悦聲易」(英文名:WeVoice+) 一個免費安裝的手機應用程式,將視障人士及義工連繫在一起。

WeVoice+ is a free mobile app that connects visually impaired people and volunteers.


The interface for the visually impaired has three functions, volunteer support, album and artificial intelligence text recognition.


If a visually impaired user encounters a complicated situations, such as the environment in the street, or things that artificial intelligence cannot recognize, such as a verification code, they can take pictures and send them to the volunteers and let the volunteers describe the content to the visually impaired user by voice or text.


The artificial intelligence function can recognize text and objects. Visually impaired users only need to take pictures of related texts or objects, and the system will read out the content by voice after analysis. This feature allows visually impaired people to use their self-help capabilities, make life more convenient, and protect privacy. Bank statements and personal letters no longer need to be read by others.


On the other hand, there are many passionate people who want to be involved in volunteer activities, but they might not have enough time to do so. Conventional volunteer work requires people to devote half or even a whole day during a designated time and venue. As a result, these activities are not flexible. WeVoice+ can enable everyone to be a volunteer at any time and any place, helping those in need.


You only need to register by email to become a volunteer of WeVoice+. We do not collect any personal data for any purpose.


Volunteers receive photos sent from visually impaired users and can describe the content of the photos to visually impaired users by voice or text.


Demonstration videos:

以下是 Google Play 和 App Store 的下載連結:

Google Play (Android phone)

App Store (IOS)

「悦聲易」(英文名:WeVoice+) 一個免費安裝的手機應用程式,以科技助人為理念,聯繫社會上不同的人,發揮助人自助的精神。

Here are download links for Google Play and App Store:

WeVoice+ is a free-to-install mobile app based on the concept of using technology to help others. It connects different people in the society and also helps others to help themselves.

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