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The Electronic Fair Autumn Edition 2023 秋季電子展2023






The Electronic Fair Autumn Edition 2023 has successfully concluded! Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation!

During this exhibition, we witnessed a great interest in assistive technology for the visually impaired and educational technology. These innovative technologies have garnered a lot of attention and positive feedback from the attendees.

A special thanks to Dr. Bernard Chan Pak-li, Deputy Director of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, for his presence and support. His attendance added prestige to this event.

The Chairman of InnoTech Association Dr. Kelvin Siu Kai Wing is honored to deliver an invited speech on how artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology can be applied to social innovation.

We hope to continue promoting the idea of using innovative technology to assist people through various channels in the future. Thank you all for your support, and we look forward to the next exhibition coming soon!

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